Qué Onda Charolastras

In their infinite wisdom, the kind and thoughtful reviewers of my conference paper submissions to the National Communication Association’s (NCA) Annual Conference decided to accept my work. This November, I will be presenting two papers. Though I do not know the specs at the moment, I can advance the titles of the essays.

I will be presenting “Twitter Populism, Mexico’s Narco Princess, and Violent Explosions of Self-Affirmation” in the Visual Communication Division. In this essay I engage some of the digital images that are linked to Claudia Ochoa Félix, the alleged Emperatriz de los Ántrax whom international media have labeled Mexico’s Kim Kardashian.

I will also be presenting “Ixtenexihui: Revisiting the Discoloration of the Náhuatl Universe in Academic Writing” in the Rhetorical and Communication Theory Division. This essay engages an array of affective and visual concepts that are used in contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American thought. I connect the theorization of such concepts to the violence of modernity in Mexico and Central America.

Lastly, I am humbled to be a panelist alongside scholars like Professor Casey Ryan Kelly, Professor Anjali Vats, and Professor Derek Buescher. The panel that Professor Kelly put together is titled “Pop Culture’s Other(s): Whiteness, Anti-Blackness, and Colonialism in Contemporary Media Culture.” I will be presenting an essay that I wrote while teaching Intercultural Communication at the University of Utah. The essay is titled “The Primordialization of the Postcolonial Condition in Even the Rain.” También la Lluvia / Even the Rain (2010) is an intriguing film that presents the complexities of colonial and postcolonial discourses. I focus on a specific scene and I use an approach that is a bit unfamiliar to me: psychoanalysis and archetypes. It was a fun essay to write because, though my students did not know it, I was writing an essay while they were writing an essay: making myself complete the assignment they are completing.

Eso es todo por hoy. Esto ha sido mi primer blog post. Espero les guste y gracias por su atención.